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We’re on a mission — a mission to fan power a new generation of creative artists. You’ll now be able to earn Fan Power by engagement in Missions. Fan Power can later be exchanged for exclusive content and experiences.

Collect a minimum of 1,000 Fan Power to be invited to the artist Missions BETA that will be launched in early 2023. This will get you access to major Fan Campaigns before everyone else. There will also be weekly prize pools for users with the highest amount of Fan Power.

CO tokens multiply your Fan Power

Owning CO tokens will not only give you 15% annual yield, but also give you a multiplier on all Fan Power you earn in Missions.


Apply to be part of the exclusive Artist Missions BETA and get free marketing and guaranteed funding, as our community collaborate to increase engagement around your music and on social platforms.

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What is Fan Power?

Fan Power is not only the most important factor in spreading music today, but also a points system developed by Corite for artists to reward activity. Fan Power will be accumulated each time you complete a Mission and can be used to ”power up” your account on Corite and get access to Fan Campaigns ahead of others or be invited by artists to exclusive content and experiences.

What is a Mission?

A Mission is a task that an artist or Corite want to reward for its value or its creativity. It could be making sure that more people hear a new song, designing an artist logo or making a TikTok dance. The sky’s the limit and it will vary from artist to artist and from time to time.

How can I earn Fan Power?

You earn Fan Power by participating and completing Missions you find on your Activity page on Corite and on Corite’s social channels such as Discord. Completing a Mission on Discord will require that you have a Corite account for the Fan Power to be collected. When the Missions BETA is launched in early 2023 you will be able to complete artist related Missions and get artist related rewards.

What can I do with Fan Power?

Fan Power can be used to get exclusive content, early access to new Fan Campaigns and other extras. Fan Power will need to be spent in order to get these benefits. Fan Power is personal, which means it can’t be transferred to anybody else. It’s a measurement of your own activity and your contribution to artists.

Where can I find Missions?

Before the launch of artist related Missions you will be able to find Missions on your Activity page on Corite. Artist Missions will be presented on the respective artist profile page.

I have completed a Mission. When will I get my Fan Power?

Most Missions get validated directly after you complete them. Others, such as an ”Invite friends” Mission will be awarded once the goal is reached, which in this example would mean when the right amount of people have registered at Corite. In some cases the Mission is verified by the artist or our moderators to make sure it meets the requirements or is the winner based on rules in the particular Mission.

What is the Mission BETA?

The Mission BETA will launch in early 2023 and be based on artists on Corite. These will come with a chance to get rewards such as exclusive content as well as monetary prizes.

What is the Mission Top List?

All users participating in a Mission will be shown in the Mission Top List. Before the Mission BETA, the goal will be to earn a minimum of 5,000 Fan Power points(or ”FP). After the Mission BETA is launched the weekly earnings will determine who will win the prize pool.

What is the Fan Power Multiplier?

A Fan Power Multiplier lets you get more Fan Power than what is listed in the Mission. The Multiplier is based on how much CO tokens you have “staked” on Corite. A CO token is used by supporters of Corite and can be bought on exchanges such as ByBit and PancakeSwap. Staking means you lock them for as long as you wish. This will not only earn interest for you, but also result in a Fan Power Multiplier, currently ranging from 1.0 to 2.0. This means if you stake a maximum of CO tokens you would get 2x all Fan Power awarded to you as a result of a completed Mission.

How can I get a higher Multiplier?

The Fan Power Multiplier is a direct effect of the amount of CO tokens you ”stake”, i.e. lock into your account on Corite. See for more information and to get your Multiplier.

Do I need a crypto wallet to participate in a Mission?

No. You only need a Corite account. Some Missions may involve parts which involve a crypto wallet, but this is the exception to the rule.