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Here's where artists and fans join forces. Invest in music you love and get paid when it's streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Support music you love and get paid when it's being streamed.

Artist creates hit song

Upload your music, set the value and launch your campaign

Get backed by fans

Fans invest and in return get a share of the song's future royalties

Share success together

Boost and follow the song towards a global hit and get paid like an artist

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A record label ruled by fans

Corite lets fans get a share of streaming revenues by investing in music they love.

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Complete control for artists

You decide the size of your own royalty advance and keep all the rights. Distribution included!

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Listen. Like it? Back it. Push it!

Trust your ear. If you like a song, invest and then help promote it.

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Now music can be truly shared

Corite gives everyone daily data on how the music is streamed worldwide.

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